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Asset Air Cargo

Asset Air Cargo is an emerging airway cargo transport brand with which we accelerate the speed of global trade.

Fast, Economical and Quality Solutions
The awards that Asset Air Cargo received in the areas of developing new markets and stable growth demonstrated that it is a value that grows its business partners as well as itself.
Air transport, which is today's fastest supply and transport instrument, is in an indispensable position for producers and consumers. We offer solutions suitable for the global trade network with our IATA accreditation certificate, which is at all times growing with our fast, economical, and high-quality solutions.
Lightening Quality Services
Our personel who are experts in air transport make a difference with innovations that make your work easier and quality services that lighten your load.
Asset Air Cargo has many options that stand out for urgent transport needs in compliance with the competitive conditions that race against time. In line with all the transport needs of our customers, we make the best price agreements with our agency network dispersed across the world and with our airway sales representatives.
Asset Air Cargo Services
Airway Transport Services
General Cargo Transport (GCR)
Livestock Transport (AVI)
Special Cargo Transport
Hazardous Goods Transport (DGR)
Valuable Cargo Transport (VAL)
Door-to-Door Service
Full Cargo Charter Service
Consolidation Services